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Cuban Salsa & Bachata: Summer Series

India: history & culture in dance

Boogie Woogie

Yoga for bellydancers + God-zil-la

Krysalis Workshop with Kami Liddle

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Day & Date: Tuesday 17 July & 21 August 2018
Time: Bachata (19:30 - 20:30) & Cuban Salsa (20:30 - 21:30)
Facilitator: Bachata (Alex), Cuban Salsa (Wim, Swapnil, Lennert)
Level: Level 2/Level 3
Location: Polariteit, verkortingstraat 55, 9040 St. Amandsberg

Feel like the summer holidays are too long and you would miss dancing with your favourite Shoonya Teachers?  Then this summer series is for you. 

Cuban Salsa: Join our teachers Wim Boussery, Swapnil Dagliya & Lennert Boussery for a level 2/level 3 Cuban Salsa class. Learn a new combo in every class. 
Bachata: Join our teacher Alex for a level 2/level 3 Bachata class and get your dose of Bachata for the summer. 

* Limited spots only. So we recommend that you register in advance to make sure that you would have a spot.  


Workshop Fee:
€10 per class

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Indian Dance

INDIA: History & culture in dance

Day & Date: Sunday, 19 August 2018
Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Facilitator: Swapnil Dagliya
Level: Open Level
Location: Polariteit, verkortingstraat 55, 9040 St. Amandsberg

India is a culture with a rich history and diversity and dance is an integral part of this diversity.  From its various classical dances to folk dances from different regions of India; there is so much to know and learn from. 

In this workshop, Swapnil will introduce you to the different aspects of dance in India and give you information about how it has influenced the history and culture. Through a lecture + video presentation he will introduce you to the mudras (hand-gestures) and teach you small combos from the different folk dances around India. You will learn about the evolution of Indian Film Dance (Bollywood) over the years as well. 

We will close the workshop by learning an advanced beginner level Bollywood Jazz choreography. Swapnil will also be preparing some Indian snacks that you can enjoy at the end of the workshop. 

* Pre-registration is compulsory. No drop-ins will be entertained. 


Workshop Fee:  €35

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Boogie Woogie Workshop.png


Day & Date: Saturday, 25 Aug 2018
Time: Level 115:00 -16:30 & Level 2: 16:45 - 18:15
Facilitator: Ivan van Wassenhove
Level: Level 1 & Level 2
Location: Polariteit, verkortingstraat 55, 9040 St. Amandsberg

Boogie Woogie is een typische muziekvorm met een basic blues patroon. Vaak heel snel gespeeld maar er bestaan ook medium tempo Boogie Woogie's. De workshop gaat er van uit dat mensen al min of meer vertrouwd zijn met het begrip " rockstep, tripple step " in six counts. Of in het nederlands 1-2 , 1-(2)-3, 1- (2)-3. 

In het eerste deel leggen we de basisstappen uit, de connectie tussen de danspartners, eenvoudige maar belangrijke begrippen ivm met leiden en volgen. Enkele eenvoudige bewegingen zoals "change place" - van plaats verwisselen. Enkele eenvoudige figuren komen ook aan bod.

In het tweede deel maken we iets complexere figuren en gaan we ook al eens " spelen " met elkaar en met het ritme. Dwz we gaan soms het patroon: step step, tripple step, tripple step doorbreken en creatief op de muziek dansen en een paar "gewaagde" dips leeren. Ook gaan we al wat we tot hiertoe geleerd hebben in een korte choreo aan elkaar hangen. 

swm: vzw Làgrimas Negras

* Registration with a partner is compulsory. Please go to Shoonya Dance Forum, if you are looking for a partner. 


Workshop Fee: 
Level 1: €15
Level 2: €15

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Yoga for Bellydancers: Pelvic precision & drills + GOD-ZIL-LA

Day & Date: Saturday, 21 July 2018
Time: 10:00 - 12:00 (Yoga for bellydancers) & 14:00 - 16:00: God-zil-la
Facilitator: Matthias Lauwers
Level: Level 1 & Level 2
Location: Polariteit, verkortingstraat 55, 9040 St. Amandsberg


Yoga for bellydancers: Pelvic precision & drills
Feeling heavy in the hips? Preparing for that extra back strength for your back bend? Well, no more of that after this workshop! In this series titled, Yoga for bellydancers we offer you a different 'bellydance body focus’ in every workshop. Today we explore the pelvic area like you haven’t looked at it before. We study hip mechanics and isolate the muscle groups that support the pelvis. Also you will be taught a pelvic drill and a hip opening yoga sequence that will help you strengthen the precision and range in your pelvic movements. A not to miss workshop for the advanced or beginning dancer. After all, for us bellydancers: The pelvis is everything!

This comprehensive workshop aims to fight against the decline of the finger cymbal! Zils can be a fabulous addition to your belly dance practice and performance, so come and study this wonderful art to enchant your audience. You’ll be taught four fundamental patterns and the very base of what creates the beginning of zil pattern construction. We’ll put hand to hip as we flow right into a belly dance sequence which you can incorporate into your home practice!


Workshop Fee: 
Yoga for Bellydancers:  €30
God-zil-la:  €30
Both:  €55

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Introduction to Krysalis Movement + Contemporary Fusion Bellydance Choreography

Day & Date: Saturday, 18 Aug 2018
Time: 10:00 - 12:00 (Introduction to Krysalis) & 14:00 - 16:00: (Contemporary Fusion Bellydance Choreography)
Facilitator: Kami Liddle
Level: Open Level
Location: Polariteit, verkortingstraat 55, 9040 St. Amandsberg

Introduction to Krysalis Movement:
This 2 hour technique workshop will dive into the foundation of Kami Liddle’s signature style of dance that she refers to as contemporary fusion belly dance. This style fuses present-day belly dance genres with contemporary dance. Contemporary fusion belly dance combines strong leg and foot work with fluidity in the spine and precision in the torso. Class will begin with an in-depth warm up to help build strength and flexibility aimed at creating strong dancers with increased body awareness. Dancers will develop their dance technique including isolations, foot patterns, turns, and layering. Classes will culminate in learning full-body movement phrases, concentrating on spinal articulation, extensive arm work, and spatial intent.

Contemporary Fusion Bellydance Choreography

Kami will share her newest choreography that will build upon what we learned in the earlier class. This new choreography takes the sharp and isolated movements of belly dance and fuses it with the fluidity and expressiveness of contemporary dance. The choreography is designed to push dancers pass their preconceived boundaries both physically and emotionally. Dancers will be given concepts to find their own artistic individuality while performing the choreography. 


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* You cannot join each workshop separately

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