MEJANSé MASTERCLASS: Raqs Sharqi Routine from a to Z


Day & Date: 20 October 2018
Time: 13:00 - 17:30
Facilitator: Badriyah
Level: Level 3/Level 4
Location: Shoonya Dance Centre, Stapelplein 41, 9000 Gent
Workshop Fee: Euro 45
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This workshop/masterclass is designed to get a full understanding of a ‘Raqs Sharqi’ routine. Badriyah will begin the workshop with a lecture about the evolution of ‘Mejansé’ music spread over the past 100 years. The lecture will be followed by typical structures and rhythms used in the ‘Mejansé’, together with some tips for steps that can be used in each part. We will analyse 3 different Raqs Sharqi routines; hear the difference in each part of the song itself and also compare the songs used for the 3 different routines.

The second half of the workshop is dedicated to a ‘Mejansé’ choreography, newly prepared specially for this workshop.


  • Evolution of raqs sharqi routine – 30 min

  • Structure of mejansé – 60 min

  • Analysis of 3 different songs – 30 min

  • Choreography – 2,5 hours

* Students are expected to attend the workshop for the entire duration.
* Soon after the workshop Badriyah will be offering a 10 session advanced bellydance class on every Wednesday. So mark your calendar and keep your Wednesday evening free if you’d like to attend. More details soon.
* Limited spots only. So we encourage you to register in advance to make sure that you would have a spot.  

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