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Tai Chi



Tai-Chi is een Chinese krijgskunst techniek, die vooral de mentale en gezondheidsvoordelen naast verdediging bewerkstelligt. In deze lessen focussen we op de traditionele vorm met trage bewegingen. De lessen zijn open voor alle niveaus.

Tai-Chi is an internal chinese martial art technique practised for its mental and health benefits and also for defence. In this class we focus on the traditional form with slow movements. This class is open to all levels. 

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Yoga Stretch



We isolate and stretch different muscles in the body to gain more flexibility, strength and helping the muscle perform to its highest potential. The class will relieve you of any kind of tightness, destress you and help you swing your limbs freely through forward bends, spinal twists, back openers - holding them for a while - in a sequential order. 

* Recommended to be done in combination with other dance classes during the week for best results. 

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Asana Fundamentals




Synchronising breath and movement we go through different asanas in this beginner level yoga class, starting from zero gradually working on building the condition of the body. 

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