Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find more information on frequently asked questions for your registration to one of the dance classes organised by the Shoonya Dance VZW; and other practical information like, what to wear to class and what to bring along etc. 


Kleding en schoenen


  • Voor alle lessen draag je best comfortabele kledij ( jogging, t-shirt...)
  • Eventueel dansschoenen specifiek voor je dansstijl. Voor ballet breng je balletschoenen of sokken mee. Voor Bollywood dance sneakers/jazzdance schoenen.
  • Breng gerust water en een handdoek (zweet) mee naar de les.


  • You can join all of our classes in comfortable clothing, track pants/jogging pants and t-shirt (something you would wear to the gym).
  • If you have dance shoes specially for the dance style you have registered in then please carry them along. For the Ballet class you would be required to wear socks or ballet shoes. For the Bollywood class you can wear your dance sneakers/jazz shoes.
  • Lastly, a small towel to wipe your sweat and a bottle of water to replenish would be recommended. 



  • Voor alle koppeldansen kan je niet inschrijven zonder danspartner.
  • Indien je nog geen danspartner hebt, kan je altijd gebruik maken van het  Shoonya Dance Forum en dan pas inschrijven.  Let wel, we hebben voor beiden een inschrijving nodig.
  • Voor deze stijlen heb je geen danspartner nodig: Yoga, Bollywood, Ballet, Flamenco, Afrikaanse Dans, Tribal Fusion buikdans, Hedendaagse dans, Tai-Chi.


  • You are required to register with a dance partner for our Cuban Salsa, Lindy Hop and other couple dance classes.
  • If you do not have a dance partner you can look for one by joining the Shoonya Dance Forum on Facebook and post there to look for a partner. 
  • You do not need to register with or have a dance partner for the following dance styles: Yoga, Bollywood, Ballet, Flamenco, African Dance, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Tai-Chi and Contemporary dance. 




  • Level 0: Basic, is voor absolute beginners met geen enkele danservaring in het algemeen en in de gekozen stijl.
  • Level 1: Beginner,  is voor dansers zonder ervaring in de gekozen stijl.
  • Level 2: Advanced Beginner,  is voor dansers die level 1 hebben gedaan bij Shoonya of een andere school in de gekozen stijl.
  • Level 3: Intermediate, is voor dansers met minimum 1 jaar ervaring in de gekozen stijl. Afhankelijk van hoe snel je opneemt kan deze periode langer of korter zijn. Deze lessen gaan sneller en met moeilijker combinaties.
  • Level 4: Intermediate Advanced, is op uitnodiging of na overleg met de leraar. In elk geval is een minimum van 2 jaar danservaring of meer, in de gekozen stijl  noodzakelijk. 
  • Level 5: Professional,  is enkel voor beroepsdansers.
  • Level 0 - Level 5: Open Level,  is open voor elk niveau. 

    * Je mag ons altijd mailen met je danservaring zodat we je kunnen helpen bij het bepalen van het niveau welke het best bij je past.


  • Level 0 : Basic is for absolute beginning dancers who have no experience in any form of dancing or in a particular style. 
  • Level 1: Beginner is for beginning dancers who have already followed classes in a particular style or any other form of dancing before but would like to try out a new style. 
  • Level 2: Advanced Beginner is for dancers who have followed a particular style with Shoonya or any other dance school at least for one season or more in the Level 1 and would like to continue learning that particular style.
  • Level 3: Intermediate is for dancers who have followed a particular style for a minimum of 1 year in the advanced beginner level 2 and would like to learn further. Based on how fast you can pick up a particular style, you may need less than one year to switch to the next level. Our intermediate classes are taught at a faster pace than our level 2 classes and with more advanced combinations. 
  • Level 4: Intermediate Advanced is for dancers who have followed Level 3 classes in a particular style with the Shoonya Dance Centre teachers or other teachers for a minimum of 2 years. Level 4 classes are by invitation only or on consultation with the teacher of a particular style. 
  • Level 5: Professional is only for professional dancers who would like to deeper their study of a particular form of dance and train further or explore different styles. 
  • Level 0 - Level 5: Open level are classes that can be joined by dancers and practitioners of any level. 

    * You can always email us with your dance background and we could recommend a level that you should join a particular style in.