2de Semester:
11.02.19 - 16.06.19

(Klassieke Buikdans)

📍 Shoonya Dance Centre, Stapelplein 41, 9000 Gent


Krokus: 04.03.19 - 10.03.19
Paas: 08.04.19 - 21.04.19

Classical Bellydance

Badriyah Classical Bellydance Gent Shoonya


Badriyah is a professional oriental dancer, devoted mainly to Egyptian classical and folkloric styles, modern fusion with oriental dance and the Golden Age of belly dance…


Level 1/Level 2:
This beautiful dance form from Egypt is characterised by soft arm movements and dynamic shimmies. We will learn to use our body as a tool to express various moods and emotions. Our focus will be on the correct technique and we will learn to use our arms, hands and hips combining them with energetic hip accents and shimmies.

The music used for this style is based on catchy drums and enchanting melodies, both traditional and modern. Lastly, Badriyah's class will be spiced up with drops of knowledge of oriental rhythms, music and intriguing facts from the world of bellydance, that cannot be missed. 

Level 3/ Level 4:
This class will focus on the most challenging, but also the most enriching form of classical bellydance. It is a dance to ‘Tarab’ songs. The class will lead the dancer through important aspects of dance artistry: the understanding and interpretation of music, expression of feelings,  and the ability to communicate your art to an audience. With a series of dance combinations and exercises, we will learn how to highlight contrast in our dance, how to listen and dance to various musical instruments and how to use different body postures to express our feelings. Badriyah will provide worksheets and materials for home practice.

Nieuwe reeks vanaf 11 feb 2019

Niveau Dag Tijd Lessen Lidgeld Studenten Status
Level 1 Woensdag 19u-20u 15 150 € 125 € Open
Level 2 Maandag 21u15 - 22u15 15 150 € 125 € Bijna Volzet
Level 3/4 Woensdag 20u00 - 21u00 15 150 € 125 € Open

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